Thursday, Jan 12th: What's your staple meal?

This post was inspired by copied directly from Michael Ruhlman: I want you to tell me what your staple meal is.  We post recipes here, sometimes they’re complicated, and while I hope you make them, you probably don’t make them all the time.  What do you make in the middle of the week?  Something you don’t mind eating weekly, or even more often.  Where does your car drive automatically when you don’t have any ideas at lunchtime?

I’ll go first: eggs and bacon.  I wish it were more interesting, but that’s what it is.  Mostly because I always have those around and I’m always forgetting to go to the grocery store.  So, it’s eggs and bacon for dinner.  Second place goes to ground turkey, as chili, as curry, as whatever.  If we’re talking about meals out for lunch, it’s either Chipotle, or Peruvian chicken.


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  • Jason Anderson

    Some go-to items for me:

    Breakfast: Greek yogurt, bacon, eggs, or avocado. Generally I have 2 out of that group of 4.

    Lunch: Sweet potato topped with olive oil and black pepper. I’m told this is odd, but it’s good. Just nuke a whole sweet potato for 4-5 minutes, cut in half, and smash it up with a fork. I tend to eat too much meat and not enough vegetables, so this started as an attempt to balance that out.

    Dinner: Buffalo burger patties – Buy the 1 lb. packages that seem to be available in most stores these days and divide it according to hunger (usually into halves or rough thirds). Add salt, pepper, some paprika, maybe a little Feta cheese if I have some, mix nicely, cook (grill if it’s nice, pan if not).

    Going out: For big chains, Chipotle is reliable. Few Mexican joints mess up fajitas too badly. I also like Lebanese Taverna (not sure if they’re in Baltimore, but Byblos or whatever it’s called by the Cross St. market was good for Lebanese as well). The buffet at Whole Foods usually has 3 or 4 good meats out there to go with a ton of vegetables (on my last visit, $6.04 got me 2 medium-sized pieces of pollo a la brasa, a hearty scoop of Peruvian-style potatoes, and about 15 spears of grilled asparagus).

  • Joseph Thibault

    Costco chicken is my go to protein.  You can’t buy a raw bird for the price ($4.99) and it’s damn delicious.  

    I also eat an ungodly amount of butternut squash (when in season), brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.  

    Really have tried to cut back on starches and carbs (though my go to breakfast lately has been oatmeal…like 8 days straight).  

  • Hieu Truong

    My most basic homecooked meal consists of two main things: broiled chicken thighs (seasoned however the mood strikes me) with some baby spinach leaves on the side.  A half step above that (and what I find a little more satisfying) is tossing some broccoli with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roasting them for 10-15 min at 400 degrees.  

    What I’m trying to do to switch things up inexpensively is to go to use more ground meat.. mostly burgers and meatballs.  I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic for Vietnamese food lately. Since I’m trying not to eat rice with every meal I’ve been trying to work these in more often (although sans lettuce cups and with some more substantial vegetable). It’s easy enough for me to do since I have a tub of frozen, shredded lemongrass in my freezer.

  • Anonymous

    My go to dinner is sauteed pork chops, seasoned with salt and pepper. Then when the pork chops are done cook sliced yellow onions and sliced apples in the same pan for about 3 minutes, then top the pork chops with the mixture. Normally, I will also have spinach or broccoli on the side.

  • Steve S

    #1. Costco Ground Beef.  Medium Rare Hamburgers on the electric griddle.  Little bit of Costco seasalt and pepper.
    #2. Costco Chicken Thighs on the same electric griddle.  Seasoned with Costco purchased  Smokehouse maple seasoning.  

    Bottom Line: Costco is my staple

  • Holly

    My go to dinner is pork chops and some sort of roasted vegetables. I pretty much always have it on hand and it doesn’t take too long. For breakfast I am boring and have ground turkey and eggs every day. I try to mix in some veggies when I have time.

  • Anonymous

    Some good responses!  Keep them coming, even if you feel like you could do better.

    Joe, if you’re working out intensely, some starches and carbs are ok, even necessary, especially if they’re coming from nutrient-dense sources like you mentioned.  My opposition to oatmeal is well known, however.  Steve, does Costco sell veggies?

    • Anonymous

      I get most of my veggies from costco.  Word to the wise though, you gotta REALLY like the veggies you buy there though.  A bag of broccoli lasts me a week.  

  • Chris W

    Breakfast is usually 2 bacons, 4 eggs, 1 avocado, 1 pint black market milk. Lunch is usually whatever combo of leftover meat that adds up to 1 lb, plus a sweet potato and more milk. Dinner staples include london broil, pork chops, pork tenderloin, sirloins, bone in chicken breasts or burgers. I grill almost every night. Sides are green veggies, sweet potato and, uh, more milk. Snack liberally on cured meats. Add in copious amounts of water.

  • Nathalie Cone

    Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms starts my morning almost every single day. I’ll change it up by adding cumin or Encona sauce to the eggs. On the weekends I cook the eggs sunny side up and eat the runny yolks with toast (I know, I know), all served with a giant batch of bacon on the side. Yum.

    My go-to dinner is usually chicken breasts seasoned in some way served with a big side of roasted broccoli. I make it the same way Hieu does (see below), but I’ll also add in a bunch of minced garlic. I like making cauliflower this way, too.

    I used to be good about roasting a whole chicken every Sunday night, but these football games have been throwing my schedule off. I love making chicken stock by simmering the carcass with any and all veggie scraps I’ve saved in the freezer.

    • Hieu Truong

      @Nathalie: I totally forgot about the minced garlic!  In my defense, I will say that I add minced garlic to everything that gets shoved in an oven.  

      @Justin: Have you tried Chicken Rico on Eastern Ave yet?

  • Justin Herring

    Eggs and Bacon are awesome.  Also ground beef, usually from a farm cow.

    Dude, where do you get the Peruvian Chicken?  There were some awesome places in DC, but I have not found much in the way of good Peruvian Chicken up here.

  • Steven S

    On the Costco Veggie Front:  I would agree with Joseph.  Sometimes there are just too much veggies.  I buy my apples, oranges, tomatoes and cucumbers from there.  Sometimes Avocadoes too.

  • Danny Pham

    scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado and a banana for breakfast

    usually leftovers from dinner for lunch:

    meatloaf – there’s a great paleo recipe on

    baked chicken thighs – we peel the skin back, and add some minced garlic and shallots and cover it with the skin. season with salt/pepper and bake for 35 minutes. omg….drool.

    pretty much broccoli, kale or asparagus on the regular as a side

  • Karen

    Two staples:

    Eggs and fruit for dinner. whatever is in season, now grapefruit

    My go to recipe, as named by my roommate “Rocket Fuel” – Ground beef,
    any vegetables you feel like, olives, and good (sugar free) marinara sauce, plus tons
    of spices. It’s basically Italian style chili.